The Team

The Renaissance Professional Team have a wealth of knowledge and experience offering hope, healing and freedom from pornography and sexual addiction. In addition to our professional qualifications, we have each been through our own successful recovery from this devastating addiction. We can relate to what you’re going through because we’ve been there.

Steve Moore, LCSW, Clinical Director

Steve has a strong personal and professional background working with clients who struggle with both sexual and chemical addiction. As the founder of Ascension Counseling, Steve has assisted clients struggling with various types of process/behavioral addictions, including pornography, compulsive sex with self and others, relapse prevention and management, and the underlying issues that are often responsible. Steve also works with couples struggling with the emotional trauma and issues that are a result of a spouse’s pornography/sexual addiction.
Steve is currently completing his credentialing as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) under Dr. Patrick Carnes and his professional IITAP staff. Steve is the Clinical Director for the Renaissance Pornography Addiction Treatment program.

Mark Kastleman, BCC, BCPC, Program Director

Mark is a Board Certified Clinical Chaplain and Pastoral Counselor with a specialty in addiction recovery and behavior change. As an internationally acclaimed speaker and trainer, Mark has worked with leading neuroscientists and psychologists in developing education and recovery programs used worldwide for pornography and sexual addiction. As an addiction recovery mentor, Mark has helped struggling individuals in over 80 countries.

Mark’s book The Drug of the New MillenniumThe Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography Use has been published in four languages and is widely cited and utilized by therapists, counselors and clergy.

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, California, the pornography production capital of the world, Mark was exposed to porn at a young age and instantly hooked. For more than 30 years he struggled before finally sticking to the path of lasting recovery. Mark feels a special love and connection for those who struggle under the crippling burden of pornography and sexual addiction, and a passion for doing all he can to assist them on their recovery journeys.

Tyson Dixon, Executive Director LSUDC

He has years of service involvement with local recovery programs and has also completed the Licensed Substance Abuse Counseling Program at Utah Valley University and is continuing education at the Argosy University pursuing a Masters in counseling. Tyson is passionately motivated to help others as he was helped to overcome the deadly disease of addiction.

Alema Harrington CSUDC, Director of Marketing and Media Relations

Alema Harrington says that he is a broadcaster by profession and works in addiction recovery because it’s his passion. Alema graduated from BYU where he was a member of the 1984 National Championship team and as a broadcaster he has covered the biggest events in Utah Sports including the NBA finals with the Jazz, The final four with the Utes and the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Harrington is active in the community and has worked as a volunteer at the youth corrections facilities in Utah teaching classes on addiction recovery. A recovering addict himself, Harrington earned his Substance Use Disorder Counselor (SUDC) degree from Utah Valley University in 2013. He is currently writing a book about his journey in recovery. He hopes to inspire purpose for those who have crossed similar paths in life.

Jimmy Jagard, Recovery Coach

My name is Jimmy J. I am a Recovery Coach for the Renaissance Ranch Outpatient. I have been through treatment multiple times and it wasn’t until I came into the Renaissance Ranch that my life had been restored. I was introduced to a brotherhood of men like I had never experienced before. I have been sober for over 3 years now and I have a new life. I have started a family with a beautiful baby girl and most importantly I am comfortable in my own skin and I no longer have to live a life controlled by fear.