Alcohol Treatment

Renaissance Ranch Outpatient facilities, located in Farmington and Sandy, Utah are dedicated to assisting those desperate to break the unbearable chains of alcohol addiction. Our Christian and medical based alcohol rehab recognizes and understands alcohol addiction is one of the top preventable causes of death, as well as one of the most addictive substances in the United States; therefore, it’s imperative for alcoholics to establish a support system and seek treatment for alcohol the moment they realize they are powerless and have a desire to reach out for help. Our fully licensed alcohol treatment center offers support, love and gentle guidance for the suffering addict, in addition, to different evidence based modalities for alcohol treatment.
Our Christian and medical based alcohol rehab has incorporated many modalities of treatment, including; cognitive behavioral therapy, motivation enhancement therapy, recreational therapy, experiential therapy, group psychotherapy, disease model, 12 steps and most importantly have an amazing spirituality component. Renaissance Ranch Outpatient understands addiction to alcohol is a spiritual malady and is derived in the brain; therefore, our staff strives to assist our clients in discovering their individual authentic truth, as well as challenge all negative thinking patterns and distortions associated with their addiction to alcohol. Alcohol treatment is not for the faint of heart, the men and women who commit themselves to this process will undoubtedly overcome and rise above obstacles most of us never dream of. Alcohol addiction is a family disease and affects everyone who interacts with the addict, in particular the immediate family members. With this being said, alcohol addiction and the recovery from it has the capacity to be a family blessing, as well, as family members get the opportunity to participate and witness the powerful healing taking place in their addict’s lives.
Pain is inevitable, however, suffering is optional, as we learn to accept people, places and things in our lives as they are, we will be blessed with immeasurable serenity and joy. Our alcohol treatment program encourages and facilitates the reunion of the family by providing family members with the necessary knowledge and support to continue fighting the fight of alcohol addiction alongside their loved ones. There is hope for the alcohol addict and complete spiritual and emotional healing is possible for the entire family as they stay connected and engaged in the alcohol treatment and recovery.