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Vivitrol/Naltrexone: The Effects

At Renaissance Ranch Outpatient, we believe that people can get help through solutions centered on the teachings of the gospel. This is the most effective way to get people off their addictions and return as a functioning member of society. But, the process still needs some help from medical science, which is why the ranch also has a medical aspect that aids the process.

Science and Gospel Working Together

Dr. Scott A.Erickson MD is the Ranch’s addiction specialist and is a nationally recognized leader in his field. Vivitrol/Naltrexone plays a crucial role in his treatments, and it’s proven effective in helping people overcome their addiction. But, when most people hear the word, they become suspicious of the treatment and treat it with caution.

People don’t have to worry about the treatment as it’s one of the most common treatments for helping recovering addicts. Vivitrol helps block the effects of narcotics and alcohol and relieve patients of their obsessive need for drugs and alcohol. This isn’t a panacea, as it takes skill and experience to administer the medicine, and there are different conditions that patients need to meet first.

Vivitrol Use

First, patients don’t get a shot of Vivitrol at the start of their stay because the effort to heal needs to come from them. In addition, the medicine is actually dangerous for people who display recent symptoms of alcoholism and drug abuse. Think of the medical treatment as a safety net, more than the end-all solution.

For Dr. Erickson to clear a patient to receive Vivitrol, they shouldn’t have used any kind of narcotics or alcohol in seven to ten days. Patients should also have all symptoms of their past use eliminated from their system.

Vivitrol is to help patients stop from reverting to their old ways once they leave the ranch. This is where most patients fail, and what makes Renaissance Ranch Outpatient different. We don’t just take care of people while they’re with us; we make sure they’re well enough to never come back again. Contact us today to know more about our programs and services.