Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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Attending a drug rehabilitation program and successfully completing it is a huge accomplishment—but that’s just the beginning.

Healing from addiction takes time, and the decision to walk away from drugs or alcohol completely is a big step. After all, it’s easier to go back and just give in to the addiction again. It’s easier to fall helplessly into that trap called relapse.

Relapse is common; about 70 to 90 percent of individuals who try to recover experience at least one slip, with half of all individuals returning to heavy use. To put it simply, not many people say, “I want to quit,” walk into a rehabilitation centre, and never use drugs ever again.

The Real Reason Behind Addiction Relapse

Is it a lack of motivation, a lack of willpower, or a lack of control over your behavior? In most cases, stress causes addiction relapse. Many people try to cope with stress by giving in to addictions. When you’re stressed, the addictive behavior seems to provide temporary relief, so you do it again and again.

Another obvious trigger is being with people who shared your addiction. Others go back because of a whiff of cannabis smoke while walking down the street—a slight reminder of the object of their addiction.

Addiction Relapse as a Normal Part of Recovery

Addiction is a normal part of recovery. Most of those who manage to sustain sobriety will have few failed attempts before their success. Some even claim that they learn from those failures, and these failures gave them the strength to quit for good. In this case, looking at relapse as a normal part of recovery is helpful.

Relapse Should Not Be a Necessary Part of Recovery

A relapse is normal, but never look at it as a necessary part of the recovery. The ideal situation is becoming sober without ever relapsing. This way, you can rebuild your life without delays and escape the many hazards associated with relapse.

You don’t have to do it alone. At Renaissance Ranch Outpatient, you’ll meet people who understand what you’re going through. We can give you advice and cheer you on. We’ll help you cope with your problems without using drugs or alcohol.

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