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It seems that every week there is another story in the news about someone who became lost their life to addiction. I can’t help but to think to myself “if they had only reached out for help, maybe they would still be with us today.”  Another thing I’ve noticed is how everyone seems to know someone who’s life was cut short from the disease of addiction. Why is this becoming more and more common and what can be done about it? In this post, I want to address this. Here are a few suggestion on how to talk to someone you know who might be struggling.

Remember, there’s help out there
With the ever increasing number of people becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, comes an increase of resources to help them. In fact, lots of them. In addition to a large and active 12 step meeting community throughout the state, Utah is home to many substance abuse treatment centers that include both residential and outpatient services. Substance abuse counselors are available to provide guidance and direction to those suffering in their addiction as well as that individual’s family and friends. If you need help on how to talk to someone you know who is struggling, reach out to trained professionals, such as the ones you’ll find at Renaissance Ranch Outpatient.

Listen…then talk
Actions speak louder than words. Just offering a compassionate ear and being there for someone struggling with addiction can really help. Be firm in your resolve to help your loved one, without enabling their behavior. Help them feel that you are a safe person for them to confide in. It’s ok if you don’t know the all the answers on how to help them recover. There are many of us out there who have been where they are and can help you lead them along the road to substance abuse recovery. There is a solution!

Patience is a virtue
Not every addict accepts recovery when it’s first offered to them. Its quite to the contrary in fact. Being resistant is fairly common for those new to recovery. Its hard to admit we need help. Consistency is key here. Stay the course and reach out for help by those in the drug and alcohol recovery community. We are eager to help people find what we have. Just being a voice of support and patient friend will go a long way in helping someone finally admit they need help. Its a decision that often comes from within – help them find that inner desire.