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Sometimes when a person becomes addicted to drugs, he or she convinces him/herself that they are the only person who is experiencing the consequences. Unfortunately nothing could be farther from the truth. When it comes to drug addiction, it’s not just you—in the vast majority of cases your addiction has serious and far-reaching consequences for your loved ones.

Common Problems Associated With Drug Use

In addition to the physical problems that you might experience from drug abuse, this disease also has serious emotional consequences. For your family members that often means:

• You don’t follow through with your commitments or do the things you say you will do
• You forget or become distracted from critical daily tasks
• You are dishonest with family members about your lifestyle
• You use (or steal) money to purchase drugs
• You are unable to hold a steady job and thus unable to provide for your children, parents, or other family members
• You fail to come home at night or other times when you are expected at home
• You say or do things you would not normally do if you were not on drugs
• You fight continuously with other members of your household

Drug Abuse and Children

When parents are addicted to drugs, the children in the home often suffer even more serious consequences. In severe cases you might forget to take proper care of your children, causing them to miss meals, miss school, miss doctor’s appointments, or go without groceries and clean clothing.

Even for parents who are able to meet the basic needs of children, drug abuse can lead to job loss or inability to get a job, which makes it impossible to pay for groceries, utility bills, rent or mortgage payments, and other essentials every month.

Drug abuse can also put your children in serious danger, especially if you are unable to control yourself while you are on the drugs. The danger for children increases when parents or someone in the household is dealing drugs or committing other crimes to support a drug habit, and eventually you might even lose your children by going to prison.

Drug Abuse and Pregnancy

Finally, drug abuse can have serious consequences for women who are pregnant. Taking any type of drugs—either illegal or prescription—can cause serious health problems for your unborn baby. The most common problems that babies experience are:

• Low birth weight
• Trouble eating and sleeping
• Problems with development of eyes, ears, and muscles
• Developmental problems, including learning disabilities
• Behavioral problems, especially once the child reaches school age

In many cases the person using drugs doesn’t even realize that he or she might be causing all these problems for family members and other loved ones. If you have a problem with drug or alcohol addiction, call Renaissance Ranch Outpatient Treatment to get the help you need.