Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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Dealing with addiction is never easy, but sometimes the thought of trying to find a recovery program is even more daunting than the addiction itself. It might seem like there is no program out there that is quite right for your lifestyle and your needs, but the good news is that not all recovery programs are alike. In fact, for people whose lives are centered around their LDS faith, a gospel-based recovery program might be the key to finding long-lasting sobriety and happiness. Here are just a few of the advantages these programs can offer.

1: Sharing Your Core Values

Faith-based rehabilitation centers have one advantage that a more secular program will not: the programs will be designed to fit the needs of people who share your core values. In many cases the staff and other people in the program will also share the same belief system that you have, which makes it easier for them to relate to you and understand some of the family, religious, and community commitments that you have.

2: Addressing More Than Just Physical Needs

When you suffer from addictions like drugs and alcohol, the physical side of your healing process is certainly important and cannot be ignored. However, it’s often not the only important part of your journey. For many people you will also have spiritual and emotional needs, and when you’re working with an LDS-based addiction recovery program you will be able to discuss your religious and spiritual concerns as you overcome your physical addiction and seek forgiveness from God.

3: Building a Like-Minded Recovery Community

When you struggle with addiction in the LDS community it can sometimes feel like you are all alone—that you are the only person who has a problem. The truth is that many people from all walks of life and in all religions can become addicted. When you go through a faith-based recovery program you will meet people who are like you, so you are able to build a strong community of supporters with others who are in recovery. These groups often last far beyond the program itself, giving you a support system even after you leave rehab filled with people you can lean on in the future.

No matter what kind of recovery program you are seeking, always check to make sure the one you’re considering offers the right mix of group and individual therapy, options for outpatient or inpatient care that fits your needs, and aftercare to ensure your success once you leave.

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