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We all have a “sex drive.” This is exactly as God intended it to be. You are going to have sexual thoughts, urges and desires. In fact, this is nothing more or less than “the power to co-create life” being manifest in you—the life of another human being, and/or the life of a marriage relationship. This in no way makes you a bad, perverted or flawed person! It’s what you do with these urges—how you direct this power, this energy, that makes all the difference.

Pornography is powerful because it takes advantage of and taps into intense emotional, biological and chemical connections throughout the brain and the entire body. We are born with many of these connections “pre-wired” or “pre-set” to switch on at certain times in our development. Pornography seeks to twist the truth and “mimic” or “counterfeit” this built-in attraction. Its goal is to ignite, excite and exploit these natural built-in urges and desires.

During sexual process, the brain begins narrowing its focus as it releases a tidal wave of endorphins and other neurochemicals like dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin and serotonin. These “natural drugs” produce a tremendous rush or high. When these chemicals are released during healthy marital intimacy we refer to them as “the fabulous four” because of the myriad positive benefits they generate between husband and wife. When they are released during pornography use and other sexual addiction behaviors, we call them “the fearsome four” due to the severe addiction and many negative consequences they produce. In fact, the neurochemical release triggered by pornography viewing is so intense, some scientists refer to it as one of the most powerful drugs in history. Now you know why we refer to pornography use as substance abuse.

Take Courage—You Have What You Need to Be Completely Free!

Often, after people learn about the science behind pornography addiction, and recognize the Internet as a “drug delivery system,” many feel completely overwhelmed by the power of it all. They say, “Why don’t we just throw ourselves in front of a speeding train—it’s hopeless!” If you’re feeling this way, take courage! Yes, this addiction is powerful. If it were not, you would have conquered it long ago. However, the solution you’ve been searching and hoping for is already within you.

Many of the keys you need to shed the shackles of pornography and sexual addiction are already built-in to the very structure of your brain! It’s what we call your “divine gift for change.” It was placed there by your Creator. You’re already brilliant in its use—the power and depth of your addiction proves this. All you need to do is understand how this gift works, and then follow some simple principles, steps and tools to manage and direct it. As we say, “The same kind of process that got you into your addiction will help get you out!” In the past, this power within you has been a weakness. At Renaissance we will help you transform it into your greatest strength.

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