Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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Addictions tend to take a strong hold on individuals and can be very difficult to fight. In fact, many professionals have acknowledged addiction as a disease. One method commonly implemented in battling addictions is living in sober living homes. There are a few qualities that make these homes effective.

Consistent Life Monitoring

Many support groups meet with participants once a week for a few hours. Though this does create some level of commitment and can be productive, the time is usually split monitoring several individuals within a group. In sober living homes, staff members are usually on site for several hours each day, every day of the week. This gives them more time with the individuals residing in the home. Naturally, this provides a chance for the counselors to monitor the various aspects of the participants’ lives and fully evaluate the effectiveness of treatment paths.


The additional monitoring helps to add an extra level of accountability. While the individuals live in the house, the counselors have additional access to the intricacies of their lives. As the counselors are constantly around, they can help make sure that the participants are keeping their commitments and sticking to their agreed-upon treatment paths. This can help keep the individuals’ recovery process on track.

Easier Transition

The accountability and monitoring that come with living in a sober house can help individuals cope with their addictions more quickly, which can allow the counselors to begin implementing continued therapy sooner. Beginning the transition to advanced therapy while inside the sober living home can make the process flow smoothly as individuals leave the program.

As you can see, sober living homes have the means to be very effective. They create environments for consistent monitoring that promote strong accountability and can contribute to participants having quicker and easier transitions into sober lifestyles. To learn more and to see if a sober living home is right for you or a loved one, contact your local treatment center today.

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