Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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If you’re like virtually everyone who struggles with pornography use and other sexual addiction behaviors, you’ve tried to overcome your addiction countless times, only to fall right back into your old cycle. Why does this happen over and over again? It’s not because you’re weak, flawed or a lost cause. In fact, you struggle because you have great strengths that have become weakness. You simply need to learn how to harness and redirect these natural abilities until your weakness becomes your greatest strength.

The Enormous Power of Habits

Once your brain expends the time and energy to develop a habit, whether it’s good or bad, it doesn’t want to give it up! Imagine what would happen if every time you got in your car you had to stop and think, “Now what does this pedal do, and what are these knobs and buttons for?” Were it not for the power of habits, you wouldn’t get very far in life. Once a habit is in place, your brain stamps it with “mission accomplished” and builds a 20-foot-high, 30,000 volt, razor-wired, super-security fence to protect all your hard-earned habits, boldly displaying the warning sign “KEEP OUT!”

Addiction is your brain’s habit formation ability “on steroids”! Hundreds or thousands of times, your brain has “practiced” turning to pornography and other sexual behaviors as a highly convenient, powerful, efficient way to feel pleasure and instantly escape boredom, stress, loneliness and the pressures of life. These outlets have become your brain’s automatic “drug of choice.”

So, what do you think happens when, after giving in yet again to your addiction, under the terrible weight of guilt and regret you declare, “That’s it, that’s the last time I’ll ever do that!”? Your brain responds: “Hold on just a minute! Let me get this straight. Just because you’re feeling guilty you expect me to abandon years of energy and effort and simply get rid of this incredibly pleasurable, powerful habit? I don’t think so—that wouldn’t be efficient!”

Stop Fighting What Your Brain Does Naturally!

In the past, when you’ve tried to break out of your addiction, you’ve been fighting against the natural current of your brain and quite frankly it rebels! You’ve tried sheer willpower, hyper-avoidance and abstinence, running away in fear, giving in and a host of other techniques—none have worked. Instead, why not “go with the flow” and harness the power of your brain’s marvelous habit-formation tendency? Don’t fight it—embrace it, work with it! In the Renaissance program, we’ll teach you how.

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