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Even the healthiest marriage can face some very difficult obstacles. Often, it is the private struggles of one spouse or the other that can take the biggest toll. After all, keeping secrets from someone so close to you is not easy and eventually wears away at your stamina, focus, and willpower. The effort required to keep living a lie can eventually destroy everything that you care about. The care team at Renaissance Ranch wants you to know that recovery from pornography addiction is possible – but first you have to recognize the threats that it poses to you, your spouse, and your relationship.

Secrecy Is Not Privacy

Your hobbies, interests, and projects are all healthy parts of a private life. Secrets should not be part of your private life. Addictive pornography consumption is a secret that can destroy your marriage. Acknowledge the intrusion that addiction causes. Your private life should enrich your interpersonal, married life not detract from it.

Know the Signs of Addition

There are several signs that can indicate an unhealthy fascination with pornography. These include:

  • Breaking social engagements to be alone
  • Keeping credit card bills secret to prevent your spouse from seeing pornography-related charges
  • Struggling to pay bills associated with pornography use
  • Being tempted by pornography at work
  • Viewing pornography at work
  • Neglecting responsibilities and obligations to view pornography

In short, if you are not able to enjoy life to the fullest because of pornography’s hold on your attention you need to seek help for your addiction.

Emotional Neglect Can Damage Your Marriage

If thoughts about pornography use and a desire to view pornographic material are intruding on your normal life, then you are not giving your full attention to your marriage and family life. This can lead to emotional distance and coldness, alienating the people closest to you.

Help Is Here

Renaissance Ranch is here to help you overcome pornography addiction and other afflictions. For your marriage’s sake, seek help today.

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