Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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Making the decision to recover from addition is one of the most powerful decisions a person can make; you should be congratulated for seeking help to overcome this troubling affliction. Renaissance Ranch helps people approach healing from a gospel-based perspective in order to provide a holistic vision of health and recover. We believe that people have the potential to overcome all kinds of addictions and debilitating behaviors, especially when faith is included as a primary source of support.

Sacred Stories Provide Strength in Trying Times

The gospels contain many stories of people facing adversity and overcoming those obstacles thanks to their faith in God. Even prophets like Jonah, Moses, and Abraham faced tribulation from every side. Their faith helped them overcome trials that might have destroyed someone without that same conviction. Placing your faith in God lets you tap into the same source of strength that gave comfort and support to these powerful men.

Faith Connects You With a Network of Believers

There are many believers here to help you. They have also come through many trials and struggled to reconcile their faith with difficult circumstances. Speaking with other believers can be an immense source of strength. For instance:

  • Getting to know other faithful opens up your social network to include people who are supportive of your recovery efforts.
  • Receiving support from people who share your values is an excellent way to motivate your recovery.
  • You have the opportunity to share your own story and help others who are struggling with their own addictions.

Your Faith Is Strengthened by Overcoming Adversity

As you progress in your recovery you will find that you have greater faith than ever before. Faith is built by placing your trust in God even in trying times. As your faith grows in strength you will be able to embrace recovery with renewed conviction.

Recovery Is Possible

With God on your side, anything is possible. Overcoming addiction with the help of a faith-based approach will help you gain renewed spiritual conviction.

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