Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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Making the choice to pursue addiction treatment and substance abuse recovery services takes a lot of courage. Not only have you recognized the problems that substance abuse has been causing in your life, you have decided that you want a future free from addiction. The clinical staff at Renaissance Ranch has helped people from all backgrounds pursue a healthier way of life through focused outpatient services. In addition to seeking counseling, therapy, and other clinical services we encourage patients to create positive support structures. Having people around you that care about your recovery can make a real difference in long-term recovery success.

Family and Close Relatives

The people that you spend the most time around should also be your most enthusiastic recovery supporters. Talking with them about this important subject is not always easy. Here are some tips you can try:

  • Talk about your desire to seek treatment and your confidence that recovery is possible. Sometimes people imagine that addiction is a problem without a solution. With the right support and care, we believe that people can recovery from substance abuse and addiction.
  • Talk about why you want to get better. Identifying the ways in which your life, relationships, and career have suffered as a result of substance abuse can make it obvious to others that addiction is truly a problem.
  • Ask for their help and support. People often do not know exactly how to react to the news that someone is suffering from substance abuse. Being specific with the ways in which you need help can give them a constructive and positive way to lend support.

Help From Your Community

Friends, community members, and religious leaders can also be a valuable source of support at this time. The best help comes from people who believe that recovery is possible and that support your choices to seek treatment.

Family, friends, and community members are all essential sources of support and positivity during the recovery process. Building a network of caring people will help you make the right choices regarding substance abuse treatment.