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Addiction is a scary word that conjures up images of illegal street drugs and shady deals with untrustworthy people. While this stereotype describes one side of addiction, there are actually many facets to this complex affliction. Many people will suffer from one kind of addiction or another, often without ever truly admitting it or taking steps to get help. Left untreated, addiction can lead to many different problems, such as:

  • Trouble at work
  • Loss of career
  • Relationship problems
  • Broken families
  • Financial devastation
  • Social humiliation

Recognizing the signs of addiction can help you take action to help yourself or a loved one before it is too late.

What Does Addiction Really Look Like?

Despite the sordid stereotypes, many people struggling with addiction appear quite normal. They hold down regular jobs, participate in family life, and are active in their community. Substance abuse, pornography, gambling, and other addictions are often shameful secrets that people feel they have under control. In reality, the thoughts of the next drink or online image search distract them from their normal routine. Many people struggling with addiction lie and trick others to have more time alone. They work hard at maintaining a very normal appearance because they do not want others to guess their shameful secret.

Treatment and Recovery

Addiction can be successfully treated and managed with the right interventions. There is nothing wrong with seeking help and indeed, pursuing treatment can be the decision that starts to turn your life around. With the help of skilled professional clinicians, therapists, and treatment counselors people like you can find relief from addiction and begin enjoying life free from these destructive impulses.

Struggles with addiction are surprisingly common, but recovery is possible. Make the choice to seek help and preserve the important things in life. Contact Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 890-4661 to learn more about our drug addiction and substance abuse treatment programs. We help people on an outpatient basis and are always accepting new patients.

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