Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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At Renaissance Ranch, we are committed to helping addicts get clean and stay that way, and we know family members and friends are a huge part of the process. That’s why we’ve partnered with AddictionWise, a resource that aids and heals loved ones that have suffered trauma from a family member’s addiction.

AddictionWise provides members with answers, support, and a community of people living similar situations. With the help of licensed professionals, online tutorials and expert-led video content, the ultimate goal is to help family members cope with the toll addiction has taken on their lives. Typically, the family is tired of providing support long before the addict is ready to get help, and AddictionWise works to rekindle that caring and start the healing process so all parties can lead a life of higher quality and happiness.

AddictionWise shares our determination to overcome powerlessness and treat addiction as a disease, using spiritual centered principles to provide coping skills and mechanisms for the addict. We are proud to announce a partnership that we believe will do more than heal the addict, but also go a long way toward healing the entire family. Relationships are a key part in the addict’s ability to stay clean, and the support from the right people can truly make all the difference.

Renaissance Ranch and AddictionWise plan to work together to help families heal from the inside out after dealing with addiction for too long. This partnership ensures further success for the addict, as he or she has the full support and love of family members as they overcome their disease.

Check out the platform of videos that AddictionWise has of our clinical staff that touch on topics related to families struggling with an addict.  Customers need to create an account in order to have full access to these videos but it will not cost them anything.  Create an account today to learn more about the healing process and rekindle the support for your loved one!