Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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When a person becomes addicted to drugs, alcohol, or even porn they are inclined to blame everyone, but themselves. Addicts tend to be deep in self-pity and use their condition to justify why they keep using.

Although most do not choose to become addicted, it is often forgotten that the ultimate choices lies within. Addiction is not fun or a life that anyone wants. Are you willing to do the work to get clean and sober?

Stop Blaming Everyone Else

Blame can bring about a lot of negative emotions that can prevent one from thinking clearly. Thinking that it is always someone else’s fault detaches you from responsibility and allows you to complain about the situation, but not actually confront it.

Those who participate in the blame game will not only be stuck in their addiction, but will be more likely to relapse. In order to build a life away from addiction you have to take responsibility for your own self.

Emotional sobriety is dealing with life and taking control of the decision that are made. You must own up to your own mistakes and stop blaming everyone else.

Taking Responsibility

It is very hard to admit that you have a problem and then take responsibility for said problem. This does not come naturally so where does one start?

Forget the blame game and take the initiative to get some professional help right away. Although it is not your fault you are addicted it is your responsibility to seek the necessary treatment.

Learn to accept yourself and what you have been through. No matter what you have in your past, that in no way defines who you are as a person.

Acknowledging that you are a stronger person because of what you have been through in your past can help tremendously with self-improvement and healing. Remember that blame will never lead to real change; once you have really stopped doing that you will be ready to move forward and start living.

Becoming clean and sober is a choice and only you have the control to make that choice and make it happen!