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In a world exclusive interview with Fight the New Drug, Elizabeth Smart shares for the first time the role that pornography played in her hellish abuse.

Is Internet Porn Just a Harmless Pastime?

The Internet porn producers, and many who indulge in their creations, would have us believe that porn is a harmless pastime; the “prudes” and “religious wackos” are blowing the issue all out of proportion. They make statements like:

  • “Porn is a harmless outlet, an amusement, a way to let off the steam of natural impulses.”
  • “What people view in the privacy of their own homes or offices doesn’t hurt anyone and is no one’s business.”
  • ”Boys will be boys.”
  • ”Pornography is a choice. If you don’t like it, then don’t look at it.”

Such attitudes couldn’t be farther from the truth. Pornography claims its victims without regard to age, gender, race or religion. No one is immune; all are at risk. In its insidious wake lie the innocent and the eager participant alike, side by side. With the unlimited distribution potential and capability of the Internet, pornography’s casualty list grows longer with each passing day.

After reading the forgoing dialogue and watching the Elizabeth Smart video, some may think, “Aren’t you overreacting just a bit? Most porn viewers don’t kidnap and rape little girls.”

In addition to the direct and well-documented links between porn use and rape, incest, molestation and pedophilia, like a thief in the night Internet porn is also subtly, quietly, almost unnoticeably robbing individuals, couples and families of the things they hold most precious: time, energy, creativity, healthy marriage relationships, family love, respect, morality, decency, integrity, patience, harmony, success, happiness, fulfillment, spirituality—and the list goes on. Is it any wonder that the State of Utah has declared pornography a “public health crisis”?

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