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Alcoholism is a disease and it is labeled as such because there are recognizable symptoms, causes and methods of treatment. Alcoholism is not curable, but there are solutions. The different stages of alcoholism classify the alcoholic and where they are in the development of their disease.

Stages of Alcoholism

Each stage of alcoholism has signs and symptoms that go along with them.

Stage 1: Drinking socially

This can come with no alcoholic conduct and can be anywhere from two drinks a day. It is not uncommon to want to unwind at the end of a hard day with a cold beer or a glass of wine.

Stage 2: Drinking to decrease stress and tension

This is one of the first sign of alcoholic behavior, in which the need for a drink starts to become a habit.

Stage 3: Daily or frequent drinking to relieve stress

One of the most crucial stages of alcoholism is drinking to relieve or run away from feelings, stress, or guilt. This becomes the only way that you can imagine getting through your day, being able to get a drink as soon as you clock out.

Stage 4: Alcohol dependence

This is when blackouts become common, excuses to drink, reluctant to discuss or explain your drinking, actions change, and lying and stubbornness come into play.

Stage 5: Obsession with alcohol

This is when all you can think about is drinking, you will stop eating because it might ruin your buzz, your health will start to diminish, you will start to grow angry toward anyone who tries to get in the way of your drinking, and your emotions run wild.

These stages of alcoholism can differ from person to person who are struggling with an alcohol dependence problem. No matter which order they come in every alcoholic will show at lease one of these signs.

Denial will start to develop within the alcoholic when going through these stages, and the need to regulate everything will rise is in their behavior. They will start placing blame on others and playing the role of the victim, this is a form of manipulation.

At this point an alcoholic will not desire to get help for their disease and perhaps doesn’t think that they have a problem. If seeking treatment it is recommended to go to an alcohol treatment center.


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