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Family and loved ones are an absolutely vital part of addiction recovery and treatment for those struggling with substance abuse or other addiction issues, but it’s important to remember that this is a two-way street. At Renaissance Outpatient, we promote a family support structure for our patients which both prioritizes their needs and keeps the struggles of affected family members in mind.

These struggles are real, no matter how much anyone might try to downplay them. Watching someone close to you deal with the pain of addiction is no small matter, and addiction can damage more than one life. Here are some tips for coping as a family member or close friend of someone undergoing addiction treatment.

Be Informed

One of the biggest struggles many of us have while supporting someone dealing with addiction is a simple lack of knowledge that makes it hard to truly understand what they’re going through. Becoming more informed will not only help you feel empathy, but will allow you to recognize any negative or enabling traits you’re exhibiting from your end. You’ll learn how to avoid blame and let go of anger when you understand more fully what you’re dealing with.

Family and Private Therapy

Most people assume the first of these areas, but far fewer pay attention to the second. Family therapy sessions are a vital part of outpatient addiction treatment at Renaissance Outpatient, but too many family members neglect themselves and fail to seek their own private, individual counseling.

Some people feel embarrassed, as if they don’t deserve to seek their own therapy for issues that aren’t even “theirs,” but this is the wrong mindset. Providing proper support means making sure your own two feet are on solid ground, too.

Stay Together, Stay Positive

Beyond therapy, the more togetherness you can promote as a family, the better. Eat meals together, and try to schedule at least one weekly event you can all look forward to. Promote positive messages and find ways to bring joy, whether in a group setting or on your own. Dealing with addiction – both for the sufferer and for those close to them – can take a major toll on happiness, so finding ways to counter that in daily life is vital.

Keep it Regular

There’s nothing “regular” about dealing with substance abuse or other forms of addiction, but it’s important that you find ways to enjoy a somewhat normal life in stretches. Keep a normal sleep and waking schedule, and try to get regular exercise while eating a healthy diet. It’s common for the stress of helping someone with addiction to overwhelm some of these daily tasks, but staying as grounded as you can will help you maintain balance.

At Renaissance Outpatient, we’re here to help those struggling with addiction and anyone assisting in their time of need. Speak with our friendly professionals to learn more.

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