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In several different areas, friends and family are hugely important for addiction recovery and treatment. At Renaissance Ranch, family involvement is one of our foundational principles during both our residential and outpatient addiction programs.

In some cases, certain parts of the recovery process are elements only friends or family can really complete. A key example here: Identifying addiction symptoms in a high-functioning addict. Many people are able to keep some of the more debilitating parts of their addiction away from the world, and may even be able to keep the entire disease a secret for months or even years. As a friend or family member close to them, it’s up to you to be able to tell the small signs that might signal a problem. Let’s look at a few of these telltale signs.

Making Excuses

Many forms of addiction, especially drug and substance abuse, are known for the way they take over a person’s daily life. This often manifests in missed appointments or dates, or major forgetfulness for important tasks.

In these cases, many high-functioning addicts will always have a litany of excuses. Many of these make sense individually, but as part of a larger pattern, they can be telling. In cases where they have monetary or other life success, they’ll often use this as a justification for laziness or forgetfulness.

Friends With Addiction Issues

The people closest to us are often those we imitate, and even if you aren’t directly seeing the signs of drug abuse or substance abuse, close friends might give it away. Do you really believe that your loved one spends every night with binge drinkers or drug users, but stays totally away from that stuff themselves? It’s highly unlikely at best, and you’re justified in looking into it.

Morning Issues

People struggling with addiction often have major trouble in the morning. Things like headaches or inability to wake up at proper hours are common. They’ll have excuses here, as we noted – “I’m not a morning person” or the like. But in reality, if this is constantly happening, these could actually be hangover or withdrawal symptoms.

Losing Interest

Another common sign of addiction is the way it replaces some of the things that are most important in your life, and you’ll be able to notice this in people close to you. All of a sudden, hobbies that used to consume them for hours don’t interest them at all. They spend more time alone, or in unknown places. Their disinterest is often apparent even in basic daily conversations – they may appear distracted or flighty.

To find out more about how you can help a friend or family member struggling with addiction, speak to the professionals at Renaissance Ranch.

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