Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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Every addiction recovery process comes in steps, and at Renaissance Ranch, we’re here to guide you or a loved one along that path. Our outpatient addiction treatment programs are tailored to individual needs and designed to keep people struggling with the disease of addiction on a clear, comfortable road to recovery.

One of our strongest themes during this process? Setting and achieving goals. There are several distinct benefits to setting benchmarks during addiction recovery, which we’ll discuss here.


A big part of conquering addiction is true belief in yourself, and setting goals is a great way to accomplish this. Seeing oneself complete a tough task or make a new breakthrough is great for self-esteem, and will help fuel ambition to create the same successes in other areas. Aiming high may feel like a tall task when the target is first set, but once it’s accomplished, the benefits are clear.


Goal-setting also allows for accountability, another vital element of addiction recovery. There will absolutely be times where we fall short of goals, but it’s how we respond that defines your progress – the ability to humble oneself and accept failure will make us stronger.

We can look back at what caused the failure, and what needs to be done differently to accomplish success. This constructive process is huge for getting past some of the tougher mental blocks of addiction.

Forward Movement

Having goals set out gives someone struggling with addiction a plan of action to work toward. Lack of purpose and activity can be danger points for people trying to buck addiction, but goals help eliminate these and outwardly represent the new things that are trying to be accomplished. When in written form, they’re also a good reminder.

Not So Insurmountable

Especially at the start, the process of addiction recovery can look like an insurmountable climb. There are so many demons to conquer and tasks to complete. But setting goals can help break this process down in to smaller chunks, which suddenly look much more manageable – and before long, progress is rolling right along and the entire goal seems that much more attainable.

Want to learn more about our addiction treatment program? The friendly specialists at Renaissance Ranch are standing by to answer any and all questions or concerns you may have.

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