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It can be very difficult to carry on a relationship with someone struggling with an addiction, and someone suffering from pornography addiction may present unique challenges. A porn addiction interferes with a person’s ability to have a healthy relationship, and this effect is felt strongly by partners.

At Renaissance Ranch, our pornography addiction treatment programs are aimed at healing the disease of addiction in a comfortable setting. As always, friends and loved ones are vital parts of the recovery process, and pornography addiction often begins with the partner – here are several common signs that your partner may have a porn addiction.


Your partner may become more withdrawn, or make excuses to avoid social activities they used to participate in regularly. They may also spend excessive time alone.

Excessive Time Online, With Secrecy

Even relative to today’s average period spent online, someone with a porn addiction will spend an excessive amount of time on the internet. The internet offers a free, endless supply of pornography. Your partner may also be very secretive about the computer or browsing history, or may constantly be online late at night or early in the morning while you’re in bed.

Emotional Absence

Especially during sex, your partner seems absent from the relationship. You’re together in a physical sense, but they feel elsewhere and don’t seem to care that you aren’t feeling fulfilled.

Bodily Criticism

Your partner is increasingly critical of your body or overall appearance, likely due to spending more time viewing pornography and developing unrealistic expectations. Their interest in sex may also significantly dwindle, and any sex will likely be at your own initiation, not theirs.

Changing Sexual Tastes

You may have once been very sexually compatible with your partner, but things might now be slipping. They want to do new or unusual things that aren’t comfortable for you, or start talking and acting differently surrounding sex.

Evasive, Defensive, Secretive

Your partner is clearly lying to you or shutting you out, and gets very defensive when you try to have a conversation about it. They keep a private email address, or are otherwise secretive about online behavior.

If you notice any of the above signs and are concerned about a partner who may be dealing with pornography addiction, or to find out about our pornography addiction treatment, speak to the professionals at Renaissance Ranch today.

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