Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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There are a number of factors that go into finding positivity and consistent motivation within addiction recovery, and a big part of it is remaining comfortable in one’s own skin. At Renaissance Ranch, our outpatient addiction treatment focuses on how you or a loved one can find comfortable ways to cope with triggers and urges while conquering the disease of addiction.

One area that’s especially important in any recovery scenario is the words that are used, both by those in recovery and those they spend time with. Words can go a long way to reflecting beliefs and attitudes, especially when it comes to addiction. Here are some basics to know.

Importance of Words

Our basic beliefs about substance abuse, compulsive behavior problems and the potential for those to be changed can often be built into the words we use when discussing these topics. Perhaps more importantly, our words are reflective of our belief system – and our ways of conveying those beliefs and attitudes. Because these are so important when discussing addiction, they need to be spoken with care.

Words and Stigmas

The beliefs that words reflect have an impact, particularly when it comes to stigmatization. People with substance abuse and other addiction issues fear the stigma attached to their disease – word choices are hugely important here. Referring to someone casually as an “alcoholic” could have profound effects on the way they view themselves and how they prioritize their recovery.

Beliefs Inform Behavior

A study recently found that treatment providers who refer to their patients as “addicts” found significantly more negative attitudes toward treatment personnel than did those providers who referred to patients as simple “people with substance use disorders.” This is direct proof that even a small change in word choice can have a profound effect on addiction recovery.

Words and Positivity

Fortunately, this also means that words hold enormous power to impact positive change. Some of the most successful addiction treatments out there are based on the use of language that’s non-confrontational, respectful and conveys a sense of working together – all with an undertone of empathy and understanding, rather than demands about changing difficult behaviors.

For more information on the right way to use your words during recovery for you or a loved one, or to find out more about what we offer in our addiction treatment center, speak to the caregivers at Renaissance Ranch today.

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