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Using a Support System to Fight Addiction

One of the most dangerous ways that addiction is able to function is through alienation. By isolating the people who suffer from addiction from their support group, substance abuse is able to thrive and rewire a person’s brain to make them believe that their only road to happiness is through continued abuse. For this reason, one of the most important tools that can be utilized in all of addiction recovery is a support system; or the people around an addict who are striving to help them get better.

Recovery isn’t a journey to take alone

No matter how much a recovering addict might feel they have a handle on things, addiction recovery is a challenge that should not be taken alone. Dangerous thought processes that made an individual take the journey towards addiction in the first place can easily rear their ugly head and send a person spiraling towards substance abuse, once again. For this reason, friends and family are an important crutch that can help a keep a recovering addict accountable to their actions, and know that they aren’t alone in this fight.

Social anxiety can trigger addiction

It’s important to build a support system out of people who are able to help an addict overcome any social anxieties. Social anxiety is a major trigger for substance abuse, and can leave an addict with intense cravings, in order to escape these crushing feelings. A support system should be made up of people who can help you overcome any such anxieties.

Togetherness builds a foundation of self confidence

At the end of the day, overcoming addiction must be done through a renewed sense of self confidence and self worth that helps an addict regain control of their lives. While a support system can’t do all of this for a person, the sense of togetherness that comes with a group of people who love you enough to stand by you in a trying time, such as addiction recovery, helps lay a foundation from which personal growth can be accomplished.