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There’s an addiction happening worldwide, becoming somewhat of a pandemic.  It has broken into every culture and crossed every continent.  Yet, due to its nature, it is not often openly discussed. Generally referred to as sexual addiction, this addiction is as real as any other and can have profound impacts on individual lives and family relationships.

An Increasing Prevalence

First, it seems reasonable that now is the hardest time in history to escape the grips of sexual addiction.  Consider pornography and the availability of it.  No longer is this something that people have to go out and seek after.  You don’t have to go to some shady shop and secretly buy a magazine or have it sent through the mail.  It’s literally in the palm of your hands.  You can access it on your computer or tablet, your phone, television, and virtually anywhere that has wifi.  You can watch it at your house or your car or on the train to work.

Our society has embraced this sexual revolution that seems to pollute every possible outlet. Our media sends sexual messages and innuendos liberally and it’s not just coming to adults. Our kids are bombarded with these messages.  Think about the “romance” literature available.  Movies, sitcoms, regular television, and music all push this culture of sex.

Sexual Addiction is Real

Sexual addiction is no different than any other type of addiction.  As with all other unhealthy dependencies, it is a disease of the brain.  People that struggle with this type of addiction struggle to control their appetites for sexual thoughts, acts, and behaviors.  While there is not an exact reason that pinpoints why people struggle with this particular addiction, some studies show that many sex addicts were physically abused as children.  In fact, that statistic says that 72% experienced sexual misconduct at a young age.  Even more alarmingly, 81% of sex addicts have been sexually abused and an astounding 97% were emotionally abused during childhood. 

This is a very real struggle for many people.  It’s likely someone in your circle or family struggles with this addiction.  There is help for you or the person you love.  They can overcome this addiction, but like any addiction, treatment is often necessary.  There are many rehab centers in Utah that specialize in the treatment of sexual addiction.  Much of the focus is often place on inner emotional and spiritual healing.

Support is Key

Like any addiction, the struggle lasts a lifetime, and relapses often happen if the proper support is not had.  The Sandy Men’s Renaissance Ranch has instituted programs that continue to support their patients, long after they leave the ranch.  This program is called the Band of Brothers Alumni Program.  This is made up of a network of patients that complete their stay and are looking at the lifelong commitment to sobriety.  In other words, it’s not a destination that you reach, you have to keep going.  This Band of Brothers meets for weekly dinners and alumni meetings, as well as other social gatherings to share experiences, as well as support each other.  The reason that it’s been so successful is that many of the staff are survivors and alumni, and so they have direct, personal experience that helps support these men going through withdrawal from their addictions.

If you or a loved one is struggling, and are unable to overcome the addiction alone, it may be time to seek help.  There is no shame in seeking out recovery.  If you have additional inquiries, visit our website or contact us for more information.

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