Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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Addiction on the Rise

Woman looking at lake, thoughtfullyIn the past two decades, addiction has become number one public health issue in the United States. Addiction rates, across all demographics, have continuously climbed to levels that are dangerous and unsustainable. There are a variety of reasons for this, including the prescription drug issue that has led to an opioid epidemic.

Regardless of the reason, though, it is of the utmost importance to address this issue before it worsens. We are at a boiling point where America can no longer turn away from the challenges that addiction lays at its feet.

Addiction as a disease

The one good thing that these spiraling addiction rates have done, though, is created a dialogue around addiction and how it works. In the past, addiction was overwhelmingly thought of as a moral issue. This is a backwards way to think about addiction. Instead, addiction is a behavioral mental disease.

For many substances, the effects of substance abuse literally alter the chemistry of our brains to create a dependency. This increased understanding has led to further research into addiction recovery methods, which leads to more advanced and successful treatment.

In order to fight addiction, the first step is acknowledging that addiction is a disease; a behavioral one, but a disease, nonetheless. Research over the past decade continues to confirm this fact. For this reason, it is important to look at addiction as a health issue, but one that can be solved by building a foundation that changes human behavior.

The addiction epidemic

Today, addiction is one of the most imminent health crises that needs to be solved in the United States, including Utah. Countless families are torn apart by the spread of addiction, which has been fueled by a rise in opioids that have been prescribed to the public for medical reasons. While these medical reasons are very legitimate, changes to our healthcare system and how we distribute potentially dangerous substances need to be examined.

Faith-based solutions can help

At Renaissance Ranch’s outpatient center, we use a gospel-centered philosophy that is paired with clinical solutions to help addicts regain control of their lives and their actions. Faith-based recovery provides a strong foundation to one of the most proven addiction recovery methods out there: the 12-step program. One of the most important parts of the 12-step program is that a user relinquish their agency and acknowledge that there is a higher power. We encourage turning to faith to help build a stronger person that is able to move towards a life of lasting sobriety.

Learn more about specific substances, below

To learn more about a specific substance and how abusing these drugs affects the body and mind, check out our growing list of addiction resources, below:

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