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Alcoholism in America

Alcoholic woman in fetal positionAlcohol is, far and away, the most abused substance in the entire world. It is the ultimate drug, if for no other reason than the socialization of alcohol has too often been ingrained into our national fabric. Today, 13% of adults in the United States are predicted to suffer from clinical alcohol dependence in their lifetimes. That’s roughly 1 out of 8 of all Americans!

The reasons for this vary, and it’s important to note that there is a distinct difference between responsible drinking and problem drinking, but a national conversation needs to be had about this expensive and dangerous social problem.

Short term effects of alcohol abuse

Being under the influence of alcohol can come with varied effects. Alcohol is a drug that can be both a stimulant or a depressant, depending on the situation and how much alcohol is consumed.

Those that drink alcohol do so because it loosens up inhibitions and makes it easier to “unwind,” but this can lead to risky and dangerous behavior, if people do not drink responsibly. Impaired judgement and senses is what makes alcohol dangerous to not only the people who are drinking, but also potentially to those around them.

Long term effects of alcohol abuse

Chronic alcoholism is a serious problem for millions of people. Long term alcoholism takes a tremendous toll on the body and mind, and can cause severe brain damage. In addition, alcohol use, over time, can damage several vital organs, such as your kidneys or liver (due to a disease called cirrhosis).

Get help, today!

If we want to reduce the rates of alcohol abuse in America, then it’s something that we all need to do together. It’s always better to get a loved one help for alcohol issues before they develop a full-blown dependency. If you or someone you know suffers from alcohol abuse, to any degree, don’t hesitate to call and get help, today!

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