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Heroin Addiction

Pile of heroin and needlesOf all drugs that have fueled the rise in addiction rates over the past two decades, there are none that have been as destructive to individuals as heroin. Heroin, far and away, is the most addictive street drug that can be commonly found, which is precisely what makes it so dangerous for users. Today, nearly 9,000 people are dying from fatal heroin overdoses, which isn’t all that surprising, considering that the past 10 years, alone, have seen a rise in heroin addiction of over 400%.

Physical effects of heroin abuse

Heroin is an incredibly dangerous drug that is physically addictive, which means your body can develop a dependency for. This also means that withdrawals can frequently have medical complications. Taking heroin has an immense effect on your nervous system, which causes your nerves to essentially stop working.

It can also slow down your circulatory and respiratory systems, which means you may have trouble breathing and experience an irregular heartbeat. Because it messes with your blood flow and breathing, overdoses on heroin are incredibly common.

Mental effects of heroin abuse

While heroin is a physically dangerous drug, the mental effects of heroin are even more intense, and are the reason that it is so dangerous. This is because heroin undergoes chemical changes when it enters the brain, and these chemical changes create morphine, which is vastly stronger than any traditional opiate. This puts the user in a euphoric state where their senses are dulled.

Heroin dependency

While we often hear about the dangers of heroin, it’s also important to recognize why people use heroin: it makes them feel amazing. This is exactly why it is so difficult to quit. Heroin pushes your brain to produce dopamine on overdrive, which makes it immensely more pleasurable than anything else is scientifically able to.

However, continued heroin abuse also makes stunts the brain’s ability to produce dopamine on its own, which means that a sense of despair begins to set in, whenever a person goes a period of time without using heroin. This is one major reason why heroin is so hard to quit using, and it’s a reason that many people who suffer from heroin withdrawals will attempt to commit suicide.

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