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Marijuana is the most abused substance in the United States, aside from alcohol. Roughly 17% of admissions into treatment programs around the country are done because of marijuana usage. The reason marijuana use is so high is because of its high popularity among young people. Around 7% of teenagers report using marijuana every month, as of SAMHSA, which makes it even more popular than alcohol.

Is Marijuana Addictive?

There is confusion around whether or not marijuana is an addictive substance, but it has led to the misconception that it isn’t a drug. The reality is that, while marijuana doesn’t create a physical dependency, it is mentally addicting due to the fact that people start to depend on it to function, and experience negative side effects, including anxiety, depression, and a lack of appetite, after a period of disuse.

Short-term Effects of Marijuana Abuse

When people use marijuana, they may experience a momentary symptom of memory loss. In addition, some users describe paranoia and anxiety as symptoms of marijuana use (despite the fact that some people self-medicate for those issues with marijuana). While under the influence of marijuana, users are suffer a decrease in motor skills, which can increase the risk of personal injury, especially while driving.

Long-term Effects of Marijuana Abuse

Prolonged, routine usage of marijuana is something that is still being studied. However, what studies we do have show that it can potentially cause a drop in IQ. In addition, users of marijuana have been shown to struggle more with their finances and their career. However, the correlation of this aspect with the fact that marijuana is illegal needs to be studied more.

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