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Men Supporting Men in Recovery

Men standing togetherAt Renaissance Ranch IOP, a critical aspect of what makes our program so unique is the alumni network that we strive so hard to facilitate. We believe that a patient isn’t finished with their journey of sobriety when they leave our doors. Recovery is a lifelong journey of progress that requires a firm foundation. Our men’s alumni program helps men build that personal foundation long after they leave our doors. You can learn more about our alumni program, below!

About Alumni Groups

Group sessions at our rehab are a key part of our IOP program, and the alumni network plays an important role in those sessions. Alumni led group therapy meetings have the added benefit of having peer-based reflections. A person who has struggled with addiction in the past, and has overcame those struggles, is better able to empathize with what a current person in recovery is feeling. This also gives people in recovery a powerful role model to look up to during their time in treatment.

Building Long-Term Relationships in Recovery

The bonds that are built between men in our alumni program are strong enough to last a lifetime. These long-term relationships, forged in the comradery of shared experiences, help promote sobriety down the road. Here are the benefits that we’ve found people get from our alumni network:

  • Alumni are accountable to each other for their actions and sobriety
  • Helps transition people from their outpatient treatment to ordinary life
  • Provides access to recovery resources and education that helps promote lasting recovery
  • Strongly decreases the risks of relapse
  • Builds friendships that last a lifetime

Building Brotherhood

As stated above, a strong support network can help keep people on their path to lifelong sobriety. Support networks help get people through difficult and trying times. However, a person’s network of people they can count on for support is not always consistent. Some people may have difficulty finding that stability in their friends and family (although those are excellent places to get support). What an alumni network really offers is a built-in support group that will be there for you and knows what you are going through.

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