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Building a Sisterhood in Recovery

Women linking togetherRehab can be a life-defining experience, but even outpatient treatment isn’t, and shouldn’t last forever. Transitioning to life outside of treatment can be difficult, and will present many challenges. That’s one of the main reasons why Renaissance Ranch Outpatient has nurtured an alumni network to help women maintain a strong and understanding support network, and to build a foundation of personal responsibility and growth. Learn more about our women’s alumni program, below!

About Our Alumni Groups

A key aspect of our outpatient treatment program is group therapy, which helps peers work through their emotions together. At these group sessions, sometimes they are led by alumni who have been through the program before. This is immensely valuable, because it provides patients in the group with a peer who has been from rock bottom to a complete and lasting recovery. They have seen it all, and can provide valuable insights that stem from experience and honest empathy. It also offers a natural role model for patients to look towards in difficult times.

Lasting Relationships of Sisterhood

Addiction, at its core, functions by isolation; by taking addicts away from the people who love them, care for them, and want them to get better. As such, relationships are a critical tool in recovery that cannot be undervalued. Our alumni network is built around the idea that we can facilitate connections around those who have shared similar hardships. Here are some of the lasting benefits we’ve found in this program:

  • The women in our program provide accountability for each other’s sobriety
  • The network serves as a great transition to a life after treatment
  • Women are provided with powerful resources and education on recovery
  • The network greatly decreases the risks of relapse
  • Friendships built in our alumni program can last a lifetime

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If you have any questions about our alumni program, or know a woman who is in need of a path towards lasting addiction recovery, then don’t hesitate to give our team a call, today! At Renaissance Ranch Outpatient, we strive to build towards a day when we can call Utah addiction free.