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Addiction Recovery Help For Men In Sandy, Utah

Beautiful Mountains in UtahSandy is a beautiful area in the Salt Lake Valley, characterized by traditional neighborhoods and classic family values. However, behind the farmhouse-style facades, many families are engaged in intolerable private struggles with addiction.

There are many different forms of addiction, and every person’s struggle is unique. However, there are two very common addictions that dominate our patient base, and so Renaissance Ranch Outpatient has worked for years to specialize in understanding these specific concerns.

Opioid Addiction

While the whole country is rocked by an opioid epidemic, Utah is one of the hardest hit. Every day, at least one person dies from an opioid overdose. This issue is amazingly prevalent, and nearly everyone knows someone who has personally struggled with opioid addiction. However, all the same, it’s difficult to start conversations about the topic, and few people realize that there are resources to help them deal with this struggle.

Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction is more common in Utah than in most places, and it hits hardest in populated LDS communities like Sandy. This is such a ubiquitous problem that Utah has passed legislation recognizing it as a public health concern. Renaissance Ranch’s Outpatient program is the leading provider of pornography addiction recovery in Utah, and we’ve been on the forefront of this battle for years. During our time, we’ve learned a few important steps to effective addiction recovery.

Our Award-Winning Outpatient Program

One of the hallmarks of our program is that we offer gender-specific treatment. We understand that addiction affects men and women differently, especially when it comes to gender-sensitive topics like pornography addiction. Our Sandy Men’s location offers treatment specially catered to men’s concerns, with an understanding of the unique roles that men fill in society and in their families.

Another characteristic that makes our program unique is that although it’s an outpatient treatment, we take addiction concerns seriously, and proactively check in daily with our patients. Each patient is paired with a one-on-one coach who helps to create goals and problem-solve personal challenges. Our outpatient program allows individuals to integrate addiction recovery into their everyday life, confronting and overcoming challenges as they arise.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction in the Salt Lake Valley, give us a call. Our men’s facility in Sandy, Utah is standing by, ready to help you find hope and healing.