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Beautiful mountains above OremOur women’s addiction treatment program in Orem was established to serve the unique needs of individuals in Utah County. As one of the most long-standing and trusted names in addiction recovery throughout Utah, Renaissance Ranch has a unique perspective on how best to help individuals heal from addiction for lifelong recovery.

Understanding the Needs of Utah County

Here at Renaissance Ranch, we consider Utah our home, and Utah County has a special place in our hearts. Much like the rest of the nation, cities like Provo and Orem have seen a major spike in the last decade of overdose deaths, bringing us all to an awareness of the need for effective treatment of addiction. The opioid epidemic, driven by addiction to prescription medication, affects people from all walks of life, including responsible mothers, loving grandparents, and straight-A students.

Our intensive outpatient program in Orem seeks to answer the needs of a large LDS population with our gospel-focused curriculum. Furthermore, we offer help with behavioral addictions like pornography in order to help strengthen individuals and families. We provide a safe space for patients to seek healing and recovery.

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment for Women

Both biological and sociological differences make women’s addiction treatment look different from that of men. In the past, many addiction treatment programs were specifically catered to the needs of men, which is perhaps one reason why women are less likely to seek professional treatment for addiction. Another reason is the role of most women in the family; since women are often the primary caregivers, they’re likely to put the needs of their family ahead of their own pursuit for healing and recovery.

We understand that residential addiction recovery can be difficult when you’re simultaneously trying to care for a family. That’s why our intensive outcare program offers all the advantages of residential care, while still allowing individuals to stay home.

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment

There are also some unique advantages to outpatient treatment. Often, an effective outpatient system will have better long-term results because patients are practicing effective coping techniques learned from recovery day by day. They’re given the opportunity to immediately practice what they learn when it comes to functioning in personal relationships, countering cravings, and finding solutions to stresses and challenges in life.

Furthermore, patients are strengthened as they benefit from a continued connection with their family support group, positive friends, and community and church resources that can help them in their journey of recovery.

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