Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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Emerge from Your Dependence with Our Outpatient Drug Rehab in Sandy

Addiction attacks and affects the part of the brain responsible for self-control and rational decision-making. Treating the condition, therefore, requires a deep dive into a person’s emotional struggles and motivations which led them on the self-destructive path. This is why our outpatient drug rehab in Sandy treats patients by addressing each person’s distinct psychological response to their life issues.

We also guarantee a safe environment where every patient can be candid about their emotions no matter their gender.

Gender-Specific Programs

Ongoing research on each gender’s distinctive experiences with addiction has identified differing factors between them, like how quickly men or women become dependent on substances. At Renaissance Ranch Outpatient, we try to factor this in the way we assist people dealing with an addiction. This has made our gender-separate drug addiction recovery and treatment program in Sandy highly successful.

By segregating genders, we can mitigate the all-too-possible distractions that could occur between men and women. Letting them mingle in a single treatment program poses a risk of patients alleviating their emotional distress through relationships, after all, instead of focusing on the underlying issues that triggered their addiction.

A Personal Process

Since addiction treatment is an intimate process that aims to veer a patient away from a harmful way of life, it goes without saying that personal change is also imperative for successful recovery. It takes commitment and willingness to accomplish drug rehab objectives — including eschewing all possible distractions — and complete the healing process.

Community Effort

Despite the separation, gender-specific rehab treatment can create a sense of community within a group, where each person strongly identifies with a gender’s interests. Undergoing group therapy sessions are easier, as each member can provide emotional support and encourage the desire for recovery.

The structure of the recovery program meets the unique needs of a group, building on established knowledge from previous groups to implement recovery techniques effectively.

Renaissance Ranch Outpatient welcomes men and women struggling with addiction to enroll in our programs for substance abuse rehab in Sandy. Let us help you get your life back on track, and create opportunities that only a drug-free life can offer.