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Addiction Treatment For Women In Sandy

View of Salt Lake and SandySandy often looks like the perfect community. However, that perfection in itself can create pressure, shame, and a near-impossible climate for addiction recovery. In our Sandy Women’s location, we’ve seen the results of this over and over again, as our patients struggle to find a path to healing.

Cultural Challenges to Addiction Recovery

Having worked to cure addiction in Utah for over a decade, we here at Renaissance Ranch have a unique understanding of the dominant culture in Sandy and the surrounding area, and how it can both help and hurt individuals on the path to recovery.

Many people in the Sandy area affiliate with the LDS (or Mormon) church, which can put a heavy emphasis on perfectionism, to the point of what some call “toxic perfectionism.” This can cause undue pressure to look, act, and even feel a certain way. As drugs and alcohol are forbidden by the church, faithful Mormons struggling to cope with this perfectionism sometimes turn to sources like prescription medication. Since it’s prescribed by a doctor and doesn’t conflict with religious values, many people become completely entrenched before they realize that there’s a real problem with addiction.

While the whole nation is impacted by the opioid crisis, Utah has some of the highest numbers when it comes to opioid overdose deaths and heroin addiction.

Recovery for Women

We’ve learned that the culture of toxic perfectionism can be especially difficult for women who are constantly measuring themselves against the images that they find in social media and see around them every day. It can make it feel impossible to admit to a problem, and create a strong foothold for addiction.

We know that addiction affects women in different ways from men, and our program is specially catered to accommodate women’s challenges and struggles. Through a combination of individual, group, and family therapy, we help to rebuild the foundation that allows individuals to confront life sober.

While the common LDS culture can lead to special challenges, we believe that the true doctrine, properly understood, can also provide rescue from addiction. Our gospel-centered approach uses the time-tested 12-step program from an LDS perspective to help individuals understand true forgiveness and change applied directly to their lives.

There’s Help Available

One of the most dangerous things about the culture of perfectionism is how it keeps us silent when we should be sharing. Many people suffer in silence, thinking that they’re alone, when in fact, most people have been touched by addiction in one form or another. When we’re able to reach out for help, we learn that there are solutions available, and we don’t have to be stuck in the dark alone. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, give us a call. Our women’s facility in Sandy, Utah can help you to find freedom and healing.