Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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Treating Substance Abuse Problems Through Outpatient Addiction Recovery Programs in Utah

Making Things Better: The Renaissance Ranch Outpatient Way

Reaching out to patients with our unique treatment methodology has made Renaissance Ranch Outpatient the foremost authority in outpatient addiction recovery in Utah. By concentrating our healing efforts on not just the physical aspect of treatment but on the spiritual side as well, we help a person’s mind and body recover and overcome the harmful consequences of drug and substance abuse. This approach has helped numerous affected individuals overcome their struggles internally and externally, making ours one of Utah’s most trusted outpatient drug rehab programs.

Individual Recovery Coaches

Our programs for alcohol and drug addiction recovery in Utah are structured for intensive treatment, supplemental options, and continuing care. In addition, we designate one recovery coach for every client to prevent relapse and ensure sustained recovery. Over the years, we’ve observed that individual recovery coaches play a key role in helping clients reach full rehabilitation through proper guidance and specialized attention.

Medications, Therapy, and Gospel Principles

Depending on the specific needs of our clients, we create an individualized treatment program that includes medications, a series of therapies, and discussions on Gospel principles. Here are some of our therapeutic modalities:

  • 12-Step Program
  • Addiction Treatment
  • Spiritual Topics
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Meditation and Relaxation
  • Trauma and Abuse Survival
  • Anxiety and Depression Topics
  • Shame Issues
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Psychotherapy
  • Relapse Prevention

Family Program

We believe that individuals with alcohol or substance use disorder need their family to recover successfully from their condition. We do our best to involve the families of our clients in their addiction treatment programs. Our family support programs include educational sessions about addiction as a disease, therapies with the afflicted family member, and regular workshops. This way, we can help the family better understand addiction in all its angles and eventually provide the continuous care their loved one needs at home.

Lifelong Assistance

In our many years in the industry, we have learned that getting clients involved in a treatment program with continuing care significantly increases the success of permanent sobriety. Also, studies have shown that to avoid relapse, a person in recovery must constantly belong to a supportive environment. This is exactly why we offer a sectional 12-month program aimed at helping and guiding people with substance use disorder through their first year of recovery. We offer a lifetime contract that guarantees free re-entry for those who have successfully completed our program, should the need for this arise, in the future. After all, we are fully committed to helping our clients achieve lifelong sobriety.

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