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Women in Recovery

Our new location for women’s substance abuse treatment in Orem, UT offers gender specific treatment to women looking to receive the best care for substance abuse dependency. Although the fundamental principles are the same, the approach taken to recovery is different between men and women. At this location, our clinical staff has combined decades of experience helping mothers, daughters, wives and sisters in our community recover from addiction and rediscover themselves through our specially designed treatment program tailored the therapeutic needs of women.

In this environment, women are able to feel comfortable being open and honest with their feelings. With the help of qualified female counselors, we’ve create a setting where you are safe and able to confront the underlying issues of your addiction issues. This is where healing begins, and life can be renewed. We are committed to being with you every step along the way as you support, friend and fellow sister in recovery.

So call us today. We are looking forward to talking with you about your situation and getting you started on the path to recovery today.