Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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Renaissance Ranch Outpatient offers a safe, efficient and holistic substance abuse treatment to Sandy’s clients and patients. We understand the difficult road you have to take and we want to bring you a method of treatment that is effective and aligned with your goals, needs, and priorities. We will support you through the bad times, while you work toward the good times.

For outpatient rehab treatment in Sandy that works, talk to us. We deliver a treatment that is professional and holistic. We provide an environment of safety and respect to aid you in what is sure to be a difficult journey that may take quite a while. We look at your psychological and emotional challenges and consider them in the ways we handle your condition.

Here at Renaissance Ranch, we are not just your doctors; we are your family. When it comes to outpatient drug rehab in Sandy, we have built an approach unlike any other. Call us today to see the difference.

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