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Davis County is one of the most populated areas in Utah. With such a large population, drug issues are a problem. Many of the trends match up with the country’s trends. Over the past few years, the number of drug-related charges has dropped significantly in Salt Lake and Davis Counties. This positive shift is due to an increase in addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs that have been set up to help those that have struggled with drug abuse.

Renaissance Ranch has been helping individuals in Ogden, Farmington, and Layton with our outpatient addiction recovery programs. We continue to be one of the areas top drug addiction treatment programs. Our program has been shown to be an effective tool to heal those battling with drug abuse.

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More About Our Program

Our outpatient program focuses on rehabilitating patients and empowering them to build a strong foundation after addiction. Uniquely tailored to each patient’s needs, our program includes the following:

Spiritual Approach

Numerous studies have found that a sincere connection with a higher power enables addiction recovery and helps individuals to have a true transformation, rather than a temporary fix. An LDS gospel-based approach infuses our treatment and allows us to answer the needs of patients who are a part of Davis County’s LDS population. However, we don’t require any of our patients to be LDS, and welcome individuals of all faiths.

One-on-One Counseling

Each one of our patients is paired with a personal coach, which greatly reduces the risk of relapse and empowers patients to follow through with full recovery, instead of getting bogged down during the most difficult parts of the process. This personalized, one-on-one care is part of what makes our program so effective and allows us to cater our services to the needs of each individual.

Family Program

During our time treating individuals in the region, we’ve noticed that each patient’s recovery is significantly boosted when they have the support of their family behind them. Here at Renaissance Ranch Outpatient, we offer family counseling, education, and group activities in order to strengthen family bonds and inform families about how they can best help their loved one.

Group Therapy

Few things support ongoing sobriety as much as group therapy, where individuals are able to connect with others in the same situation. Through group therapy, patients engage in creative problem-solving, are strengthened by learning about the journeys of others, and are empowered to help others find strength and healing.

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