Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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Towards a Sound Mind and Body with Outpatient Drug Rehab in Farmington

At Renaissance Ranch Outpatient, we accommodate both men and women who want to move past their alcohol, drug, and substance addiction. Using a unique, spiritual-based approach to treatment at our outpatient drug rehab in Farmington, we set individuals on the right path and help them stay the course.

A team of recovery coaches and clinicians are always ready to serve the needs of our patients, regardless of their background or status in life.

The Way to Sobriety

While the development of an addiction largely depends on an individual’s biological factors, the same cannot be said for the recovery process. It is the mind that gets compromised when a person loses themselves to the lure of addiction. Our drug addiction recovery and treatment program in Farmington emphasizes addressing a patient’s psychological condition.

A physical treatment that is tempered by a spiritual compass is the best way to pave a path for a person’s journey to sobriety. By believing in a power greater than ourselves we hope to engender a sense of hope that grows as we continue to learn more about and accept the larger influence on our being.

Practicing and integrating spirituality in every step of the recovery program restores meaning and purpose in a patient’s life — two critical factors that drive people to abandon chemical pleasures and adopt a wholesome, productive lifestyle.

Start Your Journey to Recovery with Us

Attaining spirituality is not a one-size-fits-all solution for drug abuse patients. Gaining a spiritual center rests on an individual’s unique understanding of what their journey in life means and what purpose they serve as a member of a family and a community. As spirituality brings meaning and purpose back into a person’s way of life, our Farmington drug rehab program’ chance of success dramatically increases.

Finding your spiritual center is one of many modules we employ in our substance abuse rehab in Farmington. Renaissance Ranch Outpatient understands that each person has specific needs that help develop their personal recovery, hence our specially designed treatment programs for men and women.