Treating Addictions Through Gospel Centered Solutions

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Reach for Healing in Our Outpatient Drug Rehab Program in Orem

An addiction to drugs, alcohol, and other substances signifies a person’s inability to control urges and impulses. Renaissance Ranch Outpatient seeks to return this control to the patient through a series of treatments. With a team of dedicated recovery coaches and clinicians who make up our outpatient drug rehab in Orem, individuals and family members can reach out for guidance — medically and spiritually.

Intervention as a First Step

The role of family members in treating a person’s drug addiction is crucial, as it is what often encourages the patient to seek treatment in the first place. It is important to adopt a non-confrontational approach to discussing a person’s drug abuse problem; they do not need to be judged for their suffering, least of all from the people they would trust the most.

Patients need a supportive environment where they can be open about the cause of their addiction and proactively discuss the steps they need to take towards recovery.

Sobriety through Continued Support

Our extensive experience in the industry has taught us that addiction treatment requires continued assistance, long after a particular program has been completed. This is critical in avoiding a relapse, and significantly increases a patient’s chance for successful, lasting sobriety. Recovering individuals and their families can expect support in the form of a sectional 12-month program, which intends to guide patients and families through the first year of recovery from our drug rehab.

Helping Hands

As part of our commitment to helping patients achieve permanent sobriety, we welcome all those who have completed our drug rehab programs to ask for further assistance, if the situation calls for it, free of charge.

Renaissance Ranch Outpatient welcomes all clients who need the services of a substance abuse rehab in Orem. We offer distinctive treatment programs for men and women to give clients a safe environment for sharing problems as well as a focused recovery experience.