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The women that we take on as patients at Renaissance Ranch Outpatient find themselves in a safe, healing environment that they get to come to on a routine basis, where they can make substantial progress towards beating addiction and getting onto a path of lasting recovery. The staff and peers in our IOP program all understand how destructive addiction can be, and what real treatment and recovery takes to truly get better. Learn more about our women’s outpatient program, below!


We have a very specific program at Renaissance Ranch Outpatient that caters to women in Utah. This comprehensive treatment includes a wide variety of different therapeutic modalities, peer-based recovery groups, individual recovery coaches, medicated treatment, and a lifetime contract for the women that come through. All of this is laid on a foundation of LDS gospel-driven principles, although we certainly don’t require all of our patients to be of the LDS church or convert during their treatment.

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Detoxification services are incredibly necessary for many patients who have a physical dependency to an illicit substance. Our medically managed detox services allow patients to heal and clean their systems in a safe environment, with comfortable, private rooms, where they can be medically supervised by licensed MDs and RNs. The women in our program are then able to have support as they undergo a dangerous period of withdrawals, after which they can begin a clean transition to our outpatient program.

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Sober Living Home

If women in our program don’t have a safe, accessible, or convenient living situation during the duration of recovery, then they can take advantage of one of our sober living homes. These sober living homes are available at select locations, and allow our patients fully embrace a culture of sobriety in a home with limited-supervision (where staff are in the home for 6-7 hours during weekdays and 4 hours during weekends). These sober living homes are a structured environment, where curfews and chores are enforced, but where patients will also find a community of support and recovery.

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At Renaissance Ranch, we are a complete program of recovery, which means we offer more than just outpatient. For patients who need it, our residential treatment services provide a place where patients can be at a facility with 24-hour supervision. The residential program begins with a 60-day stay at a specified treatment home, and is then followed by a 90-day period of outpatient care.

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If you or a woman you know suffers from the horrors of addiction, and needs help to get on the path towards recovery, then don’t hesitate to give our team a call today to answer any questions about our program that you might have!